What Makes Our Portfolio Special?

Our Core Values Are Service, Freedom, Drive, and of Course, Innovation.

We’re Here To Serve In Our Community

As a company, our core mission is to give back to the community, heeding the call of Christ for His church to serve others. Inspired by the words from 1 Peter 4:10, ‘Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms,’ we are committed to sharing our gifts and blessings with those around us. With unwavering dedication, we strive to embody the spirit of compassion and selflessness, making a positive impact on the lives of our neighbors and fostering a sense of unity and love within our community. 

We Believe That Everyone Was Created Equal

At Lake Conroe Innovations, we view our customers as an extension of our cherished family. Embracing the teachings of Jesus Christ, who demonstrated boundless love and acceptance, we hold true to Galatians 3:28, where it is beautifully stated, ‘There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.’ Just as Christ’s love knows no boundaries, we believe in treating each customer with utmost respect and inclusivity, irrespective of their background, ethnicity, or beliefs. At our core, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued.  Just as family members share a bond that transcends differences, we aim to build lasting relationships with our customers, founded on trust, understanding, and shared values.

Driven To Do The Best

At Lake Conroe Innovations, our purpose-driven approach lies at the very core of our business, fueling our commitment to delivering the best quality services to our valued customers. Just as Psalm 37:5 encourages us to ‘Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act,’ we entrust our path to excellence and strive to act with integrity in all that we do. We firmly believe that every project we undertake is an opportunity to make a positive impact on our customers’ lives. From conception to completion, our team is guided by a passion for innovation, craftsmanship, and genuine care. We understand that each customer is unique, and that understanding drives us to provide tailored solutions that exceed expectations and bring your visions to life.


We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking and innovative force in the industry. Guided by a vision to create a brighter future, we embrace the wisdom of Proverbs 29:18, ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish.’ With unwavering determination, we continuously seek new horizons, challenging the status quo to pave the way for progress and excellence. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by pushing boundaries and embracing cutting-edge technologies, we can unlock endless possibilities for our customers and communities. Our dedicated team of forward thinkers consistently explores creative solutions, driven by a passion to make a positive impact and leave a lasting legacy.

Procurement Specialists

Enjoy the best products from your favorite brands at the best prices

At Lake Conroe Innovations, we pride ourselves with what we do. That’s why we work hard to get the best deals possible for you on the brands you love. We have a team dedicated to procurement and product testing to ensure that we are able to deliver quality products to our clients, EVERY TIME.

Some Of Our Other Projects

Lake Conroe Concrete Care

Our latest cherished addition to our family of companies. With a foundation laid in innovation and a passion for excellence, we have emerged as a leader in Pressure Washing, House Washing, and Outdoor Surface Cleaning services.

Since our inception, Lake Conroe Concrete Care has grown steadily, embracing the latest trends and processes in the industry. What began as a vision to deliver top-quality cleaning solutions has evolved into a dedication to leaving your home exterior immaculately clean.

montgomery welding company

The Montgomery Welding Company stands as one of our most cherished and enduring assets, tracing its roots back to its inception in early 2015. From its humble beginnings, where we crafted welded horse shoe decorations with passion and dedication, we have embarked on a remarkable journey of growth and expansion. Over the years, our expertise has evolved, propelling us to undertake more substantial and diverse projects.

THE tejas studios and graphi

Tejas Studio with Graphi is at the forefront of innovation, evolving from graphic design and real estate photography into the latest realm of social media and web design. Our studio combines the best of both worlds, offering cutting-edge solutions in visual communication and digital presence. With a rich history in graphic design and a proven track record in real estate photography, we bring a unique perspective to our social media and web design projects. Embracing creativity and technology, we craft captivating content that engages audiences across various platforms.

Lake Conroe Mobile Notary Services

Look no further than Lake Conroe’s trusted Notary Public for all your notarization needs. Our experienced notary professionals are dedicated to providing precise and efficient services for your important legal documents. Whether you require notarized signatures for contracts, real estate transactions, or other crucial paperwork, we ensure the utmost accuracy and confidentiality. Put your trust in us for secure and dependable notary services in The Greater Houston area.

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