We Believe In 100% Recyclability for electronics.

We generate around 40 million tons of electronic waste every year (The World Counts, 2024) causing harm to not only the planet, but those who inhabit it. That’s why we are working to find and repurpose old, used electronics, whether it be parting them out, or selling them whole to someone who could re-use them on our ebay store, we believe the work we’re doing to keep used electronics out of the landfill is helping the future generations to come.

Broken computers

Most broken computers contain several valuable parts, which can in turn be sold on the open marketplace to help repair older machines, and keep them operational so they don’t end up in a landfill.

Broken Phones

Broken cellphones are thrown out at an alarming rate, and we believe that by taking in your old cell phones, we can either part them out like the computers, or resale them to individuals who can give them a second life.

Video Games and consoles

Every year video games and video game consoles go into landfills en masse, and we believe this is a total waste. Both video games and consoles hold several recyclable parts and materials that we repurpose for other machines.

Other Electronics

We also work with other electronics to determine recylability and resaleability.

Have An Electronic You No Longer Want? Trade it in, and we’ll give you a small Visa gift card in exchange!